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Shorten Syllables, Remember More

Home Care Assistance Columbus grasps that one of the biggest concerns about growing older is the fear that your memory may fade a bit. But according to researchers, there is a simple adjustment that can be made that just might do the trick to help you maintain more for longer: reducing the number of syllables in what exactly it is you want to remember. From the Senior Journal article Memory Tip for Senior Citizens: “Covert it to Fewer Syllables,” researchers found that “every extra syllable in a product’s price decreases its chances of being remembered by 20 percent.”

The survey was the first of its kind to combine “theories of working memory and numerical cognition,” and the scientists behind the price tag-related study have a reasonable explanation to why the results turned out as they did. “Researchers explain this effect by the fact that our memory regulator can only hold 1.5 to 2 seconds of spoken information,” the article said. Therefore, it is not how long the digits are that make it more challenging to maintain as a memory, but how many syllables when read. The researchers found that faster speakers, such as Hungarians, were more successful with immediate price recall.

Another study found that those who use memorization techniques to shorten the number of syllables have better recall. An example: reading the number 5,325 as “five three two five” instead of “five thousand three hundred and twenty five.” While the researchers found that unusual looking prices like $8.88, are easier to recall, they also found that “people store magnitude information about prices, remembering approximate figures when they forget the exact price.”

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